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Frequently Asked


Q.I have guys in my wedding that live out of state, how do we handle their measurements?


A. We work with formal wear specialist nationally where they can go and get measured. It’s a complimentary service and then they can send us their measurements online or call them in. Submit Measurements




Q. What happens if my guys from out of town tuxedos don’t fit?


A. Being we stock all of our tuxedos, we can make the last minute changes and exchanges while you wait, no other company can do that.




Q. What is a realistic budget I can tell my groomsmen the tuxedo rental will cost?


A. The guys will spend on average between $150- $200 complete. We have the best prices and are always offering special wedding promotions. View Tuxedos 




Q. Do you have tuxedos that my fiancée can try on?


A. Yes, how can he decide what he wants to wear on his wedding day any other way? We are the formal wear specialty store, and the only in stock tuxedo and suit rental company were you can do this.




Q. I have some large guys in my wedding; do you have big and tall sizes?


A. Yes, we carry in stock up to size 60.




Q. When should I register my wedding?


A. We recommend a minimum of four months; this gives the wedding party plenty of time to get measured. But we can always accommodate a customer with a shorter window no problem.




Q. Do we need an appointment?


A. An appointment isn’t necessary but it’s always recommended. It allows us to plan properly for grooms try on. Schedule Appointment




Q. What do I need to bring to my appointment?


A. All we want for our initial consult is you and the fiancée. We will need to know the color of your dress, a swatch of the bride’s maid’s color for coordinating.




Q. Do you offer slim fit tuxedos?


A. Yes, our selection is very impressive for rental. We carry 4 different Navy’s, Burgundy, Black, Tan, White, Gray etc…..You will be very happy you decided to visit Cardita.




Q. When do the guys pick up their tuxedos?


A. We have the tuxedos ready for pick up two days prior to your wedding. We want the guys to all to come in for a final fitting. This is where we will make sure everything fits your guys properly and get everything adjusted for them so come wedding day all they have to do is put it on.





Q. When are the tuxedos due back?


A. The tuxedos are due back the day after use.

Example, Saturday wedding, the tuxedos are due back on Sunday.

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